Who Are We Kidding? It’s What We Do Predominantly That Counts.

Who Are We Kidding? It’s What We Do Predominantly That Counts.

donut“It’s what you do 90% of the time that has the greatest impact on your health.”

Have you ever read or heard this quote? … It makes you think about your lifestyle habits doesn’t it?

For example:

“What do you tend it stick in your gob throughout the day?”

Think about it. When you want a snack, is it some raw vegetables that you grab or is it another quarter of that almond croissant that you swore you wouldn’t buy again today with your morning coffee?

“What do you do when you feel stressed?”

Make another coffee? Open the refridgerator – again? Or go for long walk or run and focus on your breathing?

“How do you exercise?”

If it’s true that what we do 90% of the time readily impacts our health then it makes sense to think about if you completely thrash yourself at the gym twice a week but can then barely squat to go to the toilet for four or five days making you want to avoid further exercise.

When perhaps its more advantageous to mix-it-up and do some form of cardio, heavy weights or stretching EACH day of the week, not just strength work? Doing so may help both the mind and body combat stress and sedentary habits.

If our health reflects what we do 90% of the time then it makes sense to look at:

  • how often we drink alcohol, (do we need alcohol to relax?)
  • our sleep routine,
  • how often we sit down and just read a book to relax or how often to we still our mind and meditate
  • how often do we smile and have a good hearty laugh.

If we have children it makes sense to look at what habits we are creating for them as well. As a family, do you eat predominantly fruits and vegetables, clean proteins and good fats or do you find yourself at the ‘drive through’ twice a week, and that your pantry and fridge are cluttered with biscuits, pastas and other lifeless foods?

When your kids are sick, what do you do?

Are you typically reliant on drugs? Do other parents ask you, “Why are your kids never sick?” or are your kids the ones who always get the latest lurgie or bug and crash for weeks at a time?

How we live is incredibly important and influences both our short and long-term health.

If you are familiar with my work or if you see your chiropractor regularly as part of your wellness routine — then you know that we tend to bang on about the physical, mental and emotional aspects of your health and “lifestyle habits”….. A LOT 🙂

Why? Because, as Buddha once said…

Why?Health has nothing to do with luck—health happens via our choices, not because of chance. And, as we can see, by the choices we make each and every day.

Look At Things Differently

Holistic health practitioners take a unique perspective on health challenges. We understand that simply addressing a complaint such as asthma or headaches with a pill or potion may relieve the symptoms — but let’s not be fooled into thinking that they make us truly well or healthy again.

Health problems do not arise because of a drug deficiency and health is not simply being free of symptoms.
If we consider that most children today have allergies, developmental challenges or are clinically obese — as parents we need to have a look at what choices we are making and what we are modelling for our children. Better yet, we need to take a radically different approach to the current norm if we wish to preserve our children’s health.

If we consider that most adults are over-weight, stressed, unhappy and taking some form of prescription or over-the-counter drug…..then clearly what we are doing 90% of the time isn’t working and it’s certainly not strengthening our health.

To dig down to the truth of the matter and guide you towards real health, Chiropractors and other holistic health practitioners ask questions like, “How can we help the body recreate balance and good function?” and “What part of this person’s environment is taxing their health?” 

These lifestyle factors can move a body out of balance and compromise our health.

Chiropractors take a vitalistic view of the human body, respecting the body’s innate or inner intelligence and adjust the spine to stimulate the body’s natural ability to recreate balance, order and healing and place high value on educating clients about how to create “true health” rituals. This in turns builds our resilience and capacity to better handle lifestyle stressors and transform our life and our lifestyle.

More Food For Thought…

If there are areas where you’d like to improveyour life  then the following activity might help you find that extra energy, loose those five kilo’s, resist that second cup of coffee or “tune in” to the direction of your life.
I’d like you to take a moment and think of all your weekly habits, from the moment you wake until the moment you fall asleep at night. Add in any variations from Monday to Sunday. Now consider each of these habits and assess whether they tax your health or build your resilience?

  • What you do to invest in your physical health?
  • Your emotional health?
  • Your mental health?
  • What do you do to nurture that clever innate intelligence in your body that heals and repairs the body?
  • How do you create stillness to listen to that innate voice within that offers you thoughts, ideas, solutions and a vision for your life?
  • Who’s your vitalistic, wellness chiropractor?
  • Do your loved ones get adjusted too and understand that nerve interference may impact their health?
  • Who do you hang out with predominantly? Do they suck all postivity from the room and play at being a victim to life or do they inspire you just through their presence?
  • When was the last time you listened to or read something inspiring?
  • Do you talk kindly to yourself or does that voice in your head negate you all day long?
  • Do you manage your time well or are there ways to delegate and have more fun?
  • Could you afford more organic food if you bought less alcohol or planned your meals better?

Now from all of your current daily rituals  – count up how many are more ‘troublesome’ then they are worth and how many are ‘top notch?’

Where do you think you sit along the scale of your true health potential?

After all it’s not just one or two sterling efforts that counts or wins the race… but how these factors all blend and weave together to create your current health picture and, more importantly, your future health picture.
Holistic health care practitioners want you to have “health confidence”. Reminding you that…

A truly healthy person is someone who eats clean, pure foods, is physically fit and strong, who invests in their physical, mental and emotional health, minimises stress and toxins and has a high level of life enjoyment.

If you know there’s more you can do to invest in your health – then TAKE ACTION.
Find an inspiring chiropractor or holistic health care leader in your area today and experience profound changes in your health.

. . . . .
Wishing you exceptional health…
Jennifer Barham-Floreani
Bach. Chiropractic, Bach. App Clinical Science
Registered internationally, no longer practicing as a chiropractor in Australia.
. . . . .


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