Start each day afresh

Start each day afresh


breakfast time with the boysThere are times all parents can feel as if their life mirrors the movie “Groundhog Day”. Making breakfasts, helping children get dressed, making lunches – day after day.

With this in mind, sometimes it is easy to find ourselves parenting on automatic pilot mode… “Please hurry up and eat your breakfast, please don’t yell at your brother, please hurry up and eat that breakfast.” Over and over, again and again, as one day bleeds into the next…

However there are great risks involved in letting ourselves slip into such unconscious living and parenting.

As our children grow they soon start to model these ‘communication strategies’, or lack of true communication (vague, monosyllabic, catatonic responses), and the more ‘knee-jerk’ our reactions have been, the more violent the shock when our moments of poor parenting come back to haunt us!!

So the question is- Do we want to parent half-heartedly?

Whenever I find myself in a rut of impatience with my children, I evaluate how much time I am spending keeping myself inspired about my role – as a life coach and guardian.

In loving service (and partly for my sanity) as a mother and partner I try to remember to:

  • start each day afresh – without any lingering judgments or prejudgement’s towards any family member from the previous day or about the day beginning.
  • to see each family member as an ever-changing and evolving spirit, to look for their ‘potential’ and for ways to complement them.
  • acknowledge that their spirit picked “me” amongst all other mothers (some days I don’t know why!!!) to do my best to love and guide them.

Part of our role as parents is to see the potential of every moment to coach and inspire. Whilst tiring -few other things in life bring such reward. Above all else, our role as parents is ultimately to love these little people with all the creativity and energy we can muster.

What an honour!!





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