Helping Children Look For What’s Right In Their World

Helping Children Look For What’s Right In Their World

This week I have had many conversations with one of our boys about watching his thoughts and his feelings. Teaching him how to ‘check-in’ with himself, to check-in with what he’s focused on. To mind his mind.

I asked him to monitor his thoughts and feelings every few hours and to determine if he is focused on things that have gone wrong in his day or is he focused on the little moments that have delighted him.

Together we mustered up some strategies for refocusing our thoughts.

– Asking each other over breakfast “What you are looking forward to today?

‘Talking each other UP’ more throughout the day. Complementing each other, acknowledging win/win approaches etc,etc

– Over dinner discussing “What we enjoyed about their day?”

Starting a Daily Journal or diary. With key focus on

What they enjoyed about their day?”

“What they learnt today?” (clarifying that this is not from an academic perspective but more a life,love and the cosmos perspective.)

“What they are looking forward to tomorrow?”

“What am I grateful for?”

– We re-found some kids books that encourage empowering thoughts – Louise Hay and Wayne Dwyer have a few good ones.

– Created a ‘Mind Your Mind‘ Game that we all played and reported in on.

There are many things you can do these are just a few ideas for you.


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