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Identifying Your Values
And Understanding How They
Help You Live Congruently

Identifying Your Values
And Understanding How They
Help You Live Congruently

Life can really test us at times. As humans we tend to be motivated by pain or pleasure i.e. it’s tempting to move towards something that is pleasurable or move away from something that’s painful, either decision however may not be a values driven. The only way to make decisions that are congruent, is to truly know what our highest values are.

From a young age I was encouraged to consider who I wanted to be in the world and how I wanted to show up. This process is made easier by identifying what your highest values are, they in turn become like a lighthouse guiding you home to the highest version of yourself.

It’s not about picking values that are noble or altruistic, it’s about picking values that are congruent with who you are and the life you wish to create. To live a purpose-led life it’s paramount to understand what’s important to you and what you want to make more space for in your daily life. I was encouraged to consider what I admired in different people and which qualities, and which behaviours were less appealing to me.

There are only two authorities in my life. My Maker (God, Source, the Universe, let’s not get stuck on terminology) and my highest values. When I have a decision to make that I’m weighing up I come back to “how is life supporting me right now” and “how would this decision sit within my values?”


Use this list of values or another. You may find there are words missing that you’d like to use, add them in. There are no set rules, these lists simply help you to better understand yourself and your inner compass.

Step 1:

Go through and circle all the words that stand out to you. Look thorough and notice the similarities in the meaning of the words and group them together. As an example, you may have circled all or some of the following words which tend to reflect the desire to have a spiritual aspect to one’s life.  Mindfulness, Intuition, Synergy, Peace, Reverence, Virtue, Thankfulness, Wisdom, Or you make select the following words because your body is swept with an emotion when you think of these attributes.  Mindfulness, Unflappability, Poise, Peace 

Step 2:

Separate to the list consider what areas of your life, do you spend the most time. For example, you may spend at least 4 hours a day on your “health” by the time you exercise, shop for healthy foods, supplements etc. and cook your meals. Consider where you spend most of your money? Write down your daily and weekly expenses. Seeing where you spend your money is very powerful.

Step 3: 

Then read through your grouped values, determine your top 5 core values and how much time you currently spend in each are. Put them in a descending order of priorities based on your current routine. i.e., Give yourself a score out of 10 on how much of your time you spend on each area right now, currently in your life. For example, you may want to be someone who’s incredibly healthy. You even selected Health, Fitness, Activeness, Vitality and yet you currently only spend a few hours a week on your health and much of your money is spent on social events and alcohol. So right now, you may only rate at 3 out 10 for your health. You wouldn’t place health as your top value right now, once you score each area you may see that it’s actually your lowest priority. However, you may score an 8 out 10 in another area. That’s your top value right now and there’s power in considering if you’re managing your time and money congruently with who you want to be. If you wish to change the direction of your life, then the following steps are key.

Step 4: 

Write down your ideal order of priorities. Cast a vision of what’s more ideal for you. 

Step 5: 

Write down some daily or weekly action steps that would help shift the needle for you with your current priorities and values. 

Step 6:

Revisit these lists in 3 months’ time and see how you’re tracking. You will notice some significant changes. Create new actions steps and keep tracking.


Abundance Acceptance Accessibility
Accomplished Accountability Accuracy
Achievement Acknowledgement Activeness
Adaptability Adoration Advancement
Adventure Affection Affluence
Agility Alertness Altruism
Amazement Ambition Amusement
Anticipation Appreciation Approachability
Approval Articulacy Artistic
Artistry Assertiveness Assurance
Attentiveness Attractiveness Audacious
Authenticity Availability Awareness
Awe Balance Beauty
Being the best Belonging Benevolence
Bliss Boldness Bravery
Brilliance Buoyancy Calmness
Camaraderie Candour Capability
Care Carefulness Celebrity
Celibacy Certainty Challenge
Change Charity Charm
Chastity Cheerfulness Clarity
Class Consciousness Cleanliness Clear-mindedness
Cleverness Closeness Comfort
Commitment Communication Community
Compassion Competence Competition
Completion Composure Concentration
Confidence Conformity Congeniality
Congruency Connection Consciousness
Conservation Consistency Contentment
Continuity Continuous Improvement Contribution
Control Conviction Conviviality
Coolness Cooperation Cordiality
Correctness Courageous Courtesy
Craftiness Creativity Credibility
Cunning Curiosity Customer Focus
Daring Decisiveness Decorum
Deference Delight Delivery of Results
Democracy Dependability Depth
Desire Determination Development
Devotion Devoutness Dexterity
Dignity Diligence Diplomacy
Direction Directness Discipline
Discovery Discretion Diversity
Doing one’s best Dominance Dreaming
Drive Duty Dynamism
Eagerness Ease Ecology
Economy Ecstasy Education
Effectiveness Efficiency Elegance
Empathy Encouragement Endurance
Energy Enjoyment Entertainment
Enthusiasm Environmentalism Equality
Esteem Ethics Euphoria
Excellence Excitement Exhilaration
Expectancy Expectations Expediency
Experience Expertise Exploration
Expressiveness Extravagance Extroversion
Exuberance Fairness Faith
Faithfulness Fame Family
Fascination Fashion Fearlessness
Ferocious Fidelity Fierceness
Financial independence Firmness Fitness
Flexibility Flow Fluency
Focus Fortitude Frankness
Freedom Friendliness Friendship
Frugality Fun Gallantry
Generosity Gentility Giving
Good Manners Goodness Grace
Gratitude Gregariousness Growth
Guidance Happiness Hard work
Harmony Health Heart
Helpfulness Helping Society Heroism
Holiness Honesty Honour
Hopefulness Hospitality Humility
Humour Hygiene Imagination
Impact Impartiality Improvement
Independence Individuality Industry
Influence Ingenuity Inner Harmony
Innovation Inquisitiveness Insightfulness
Inspiration Integrity Intellect
Intelligence Intensity International
Intimacy Intrepidness Introspection
Introversion Intuition Intuitiveness
Inventiveness Investing Involvement
Joy Judiciousness Justice
Keenness Kindness Knowledge
Leadership Learning Legacy
Liberation Liberty Lightness
Liveliness Logic Longevity
Love Loyalty Majesty
Making a difference Marriage Mastery
Maturity Meaning Meekness
Mellowness Meticulousness Mindfulness
Modesty Motivation Mysteriousness
Nationality Nature Neatness
Nerve Nonconformity Obedience
Objectivity Open-mindedness Openness
Optimism Order Organization
Originality Outdoors Outlandishness
Outrageousness Participation Partnership
Passion Patience Peace
Perceptiveness Perfection Performance
Perkiness Permanence Perseverance
Persistence Persuasiveness Philanthropy
Piety Playfulness Pleasantness
Pleasure Poise Polish
Popularity Potency Power
Practicality Practice Pragmatism
Precision Preparedness Presence
Preservation Pride Privacy
Proactivity Productivity Professionalism
Profitability Progress Prosperity
Prudence Public Service Punctuality
Purity Quality Rationality
Realism Reason Reasonableness
Recognition Recreation Refinement
Reflection Relaxation Reliability
Relief Religiousness Reputation
Resilience Resolution Resolve
Resourcefulness Respect Responsibility
Responsiveness Rest Restraint
Results Oriented Reverence Richness
Rigor Risk Taking Sacredness
Sacrifice Sagacity Saintliness
Sanguinity Satisfaction Science
Security Self-Actualisation Self-control
Selflessness Self-reliance Self-respect
Sensitivity Sensuality Serenity
Serious Service Sexiness
Sexuality Sharing Shrewdness
Significance Silence Silliness
Simplicity Sincerity Skilfulness
Solidarity Solitude Sophistication
Soundness Spaciousness Speed
Spirit Spirituality Spontaneity
Spunk Stability Standards
Status Stealth Stillness
Stimulation Stoicism Straightforwardness
Straightness Strategic Strength
Structure Success Supervision
Support Supremacy Surprise
Sustainability Sympathy Synergy
Tactfulness Talent Teaching
Teamwork Temperance Thankfulness
Thoroughness Thoughtfulness Thrift
Tidiness Timeliness Tolerance
Toughness Traditionalism Training
Tranquillity Transcendence Transparency
Tribe Trust Trustworthiness
Truth Understanding Unflappability
Uniqueness Unity Usefulness
Utility Valour Value
Variety Victory Vigour
Virtue Vision Vitality
Vivacity Volunteering Warm heartedness
Warmth Watchfulness Wealth
Wilfulness Willingness Winning
Wisdom Wittiness Wonder
Worthiness Youthfulness Zeal


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