Holistic Parenting

5 Reasons Couples Have Trouble Conceiving

The process involved in ‘making a baby’ always sounds fun and easy but for many couples this simply isn’t the case. For some the desire to conceive desperately escalates over time and month after month they find themselves far from ‘barefoot and pregnant.’ Other couples struggle with repeat miscarriages and feelings of inadequacy and disappointment. In fact infertility is now a global issue affecting 1 in 6 Australian couples, 1 in 5 American couples and 1 in 7 in the UK.

Holistic Parenting

Paleo for Kids?

Celebrity chef Pete Evans has been promoting his new book, which advocates a paleo diet for children. This has prompted parents to email and ask me for my thoughts. Let me be frank. I believe there is a significant link between our society’s reliance on grains as a staple food Read more…