Grumpy Child Syndrome

Grumpy Child Syndrome

We went to the beach over the weekend with some of our relatives and after three days of sharing a house, there was anarchy amongst the children. This is probably fairly predictable behavior for all small territorial beings, but we did however, by the end of the weekend, have one extra fiery little warrior.

After three days of co-existing, our second son Nelson, had simply had enough of being the “little” boy. Unfortunately he is just that “wee-bit” younger than the older three cousins and he really struggles with this reality.  Nelson, God bless him, is extremely social and confident. He loves to be the centre of attention, he loves to win and he generally seems to have a yearning to be in control. When things are going his way he’ll curl up in your lap like a cuddly kitten and be tender and loving, but whenever anyone challenges him or scolds him, he’ll roar like the true Leo that he is.

Over the years (four very long years) Simon and I have had to learn many new parenting tools to interact with Nelson. Most of these we juggle and alternate, as our very clever “second child”, at times outwits us. As he gets a little older though, Nelson does seem to be getting easier and his sense of humour seems to outshine his tantrums.

It wasn’t unusual on a weekend like this, for Nelson to need some reminders about working together as a team and this would often involve consequences, however on this particular day he was completely irrational. He wasn’t listening, in fact each time he opened his mouth he’d yell, he’d fly into a rage and chase his brother with a tennis racket. He’d barely eat (definitely not normal) and when he wasn’t cursing everyone with phrases such as “stupid head”, he seemed to be in tears.

One of the strengths Nelson normally has, is to move through his anger quickly, but we were not so lucky on this occasion. He was really digging his heels in. Which meant, that after almost a full day of his ranting and raving, Simon and I finally knew something was wrong.

The kids had had plenty of sleep and they hadn’t had any junk food, this left only one scenario. We had forgotten to adjust him. Now this may sound funny for those of you not familiar with chiropractic, but generally as a family, we get checked each week. This week neither Simon nor I had checked Nelson and he had actually had a couple of falls (one being out of his bed),  all of which now started to make perfect sense.

Did you know that nerve dysfunction or nerve dis-stress can promote chemical imbalance and a lack of harmony in the body?

This imbalance affects the areas of your brain responsible for emotion and this may alter your perceptions and moods.

A quality of life study1 performed by Blanks, a University Professor at the California College of Medicine, on 2818 chiropractic patients found;

• Positive enhancements in their physical health

• Increased ability to deal with stress

• Increased overall confidence, well-being and enjoyment of life

Every function in our body is governed by our nervous system, which acts as the body’s computer. When vertebral subluxation’s are present nerve dysfunction or dis-stress will occur, meaning that the body will not function as well as it can. Chiropractors adjust vertebral subluxation’s, allowing the body to restore the flow of life force and recreate harmony within the body.

In most cases this also recreates harmony in our household.

So my message is simple – if there is a little person (or big person) suffering with “grumpy child syndrome” in your household and you know they are not tired or wired from junk food, consider having them checked by a chiropractor. Everyday more and more people realise that chiropractic is not just about bad backs and headaches, it’s about quality of life. Chiropractic is about ‘being’ your best.

As a child, I was extremely fortunate to be adjusted since the day I was born by my father who is a chiropractor. I have had adjustments throughout my life and I have enjoyed the benefits of exceptional health. Chiropractic care restores balance to your body, physically, chemically and emotionally, enabling your body to express itself to its full genetic capacity.

The benefits of investing in your family’s health are paramount. For us personally, life is dreamier when we are all “well- adjusted”. Nelson may still be our ‘loveable control freak’, but when we are all subluxation free we all ride the waves with greater ease.

Blessings and good health to you,

Jennifer Barham-Floreani
Bach. Chiropractic, Bach. App Clinical Science
Registered internationally, no longer practicing as a chiropractor in Australia.

. . . . .



(1)Blanks RHI. Schuster TL. Dobson M. A Retrospective Assessment of Network Care Using a Survey of Self- reported Health, Wellness and Quality of Life. JVSR. 1997;1:1532.


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